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Supervisor and Manager FAQ

Updated March 26, 2020

Resources to assist you can be found at Caltech's Telecommuting webpage. In addition, the Human Resources team can offer guidance on how to structure meetings, set up touchpoints, and manage deadlines. For this type of assistance, contact our HR Education team here. If your questions are more complex or you need performance management guidance, Employee and Organizational Development can provide consultation and/or tools to assist.

Human Resources can provide helpful tools to assist employees in their transition to remote work, including a webpage to support telecommuting here. Reach out to the HR Education team for strategies.

It may make sense for some employees to notify people who are trying to contact them, either by phone or email, if their responses could be delayed due to remote working. If their schedule has been affected, it is also appropriate to notify incoming callers or emails that responses could be delayed. However, please discuss with your employees what works best for their situation and department.

Except for employees performing specific critical functions, all staff and faculty should be working remotely, in compliance with state and local "Safer at Home" orders. We encourage employees who must still come to campus to adhere to preventative hygiene and social distancing measures. When these measures are practiced carefully and consistently, they are effective in reducing risk of the spread of the disease. In addition, employees should consult with their manager for specific protocols that may be in place for specific jobs.

Except for employees performing specific critical functions, all staff and faculty should be working remotely, in compliance with state and local "Safer at Home" orders. For those employees whose job duties require them to come to campus, we hope that the increased flexibility in work schedules and directives on social distancing while on campus will help alleviate their concerns. Employees who still have concerns about their ability to safely perform their job duties should talk with their managers or seek consultation from Employee & Organizational Development. Additionally, the Staff and Faculty Consultation Center has resources to help employees who are feeling stress or anxiety about the uncertainty of the current world situation.

In the event of a COVID-19 exposure, self-isolation and cleaning procedures will be taken immediately and potentially impacted colleagues will be notified by Caltech Student Wellness Services and public health officials as appropriate. Details can be found in the 3/24/2020 memo to the Caltech community, "Health Guidance for Faculty and Supervisors Regarding Ill Supervisees."

Only employees involved in essential functions should report to work. Essential functions include: distance learning and the operation of student housing and dining facilities; custodial, security, payroll, and student wellness services; and the maintenance and management of laboratories and facilities with unique agents and equipment.

Those employees who need to conduct these essential on-campus functions should do so in accordance with health professionals' guidance on social distancing, which includes maintaining a distance of six feet per person, staggering personnel schedules, and following preventative hygiene measures to the greatest extent possible.

Employees must use all available accrued sick leave under these circumstances. If an employee does not have accrued sick leave, employees should reach out to the Disability and Leave Unit at leaveunit@caltech.edu for direction on leave usage.

Employees should self-isolate if they or anyone in their home has returned from travel to one of the high riskcountries in the last 14 days. This includes all individuals, including children, with or without symptoms.

We realize that a new employee may not want to miss work, even if they are sick. However, it is important that they take care of themselves and not expose others to their illness if they are not feeling well. We will require those who are sick or self-quarantining to use available sick time accruals. Once those are exhausted, managers should call the Caltech Disability and Leave Administration team for guidance.