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Returning to Campus

"Before You Report to Campus" Flyer

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"Reduce Your Risk" Flyer

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Updated August 3, 2020

In consultation and accordance with local public health authorities, Caltech has begun a phased return to on-campus activities that had been suspended in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resumption of research, work, and classes on campus will not occur all at once. It will progress through stages, with research activity resuming first in a modulated form. During this time, Caltech Dining Services, the Caltech Store, and some athletic facilities are also preparing to reopen and expand services to support returning community members.

For now, Caltech employees who can work remotely are asked to continue to do so. A decision about if and how undergraduate students will reoccupy campus for the fall term is still pending.

Members of the Caltech community who return to campus will be required to familiarize themselves with the training materials and guidelines below, and adhere to a number of measures aimed at reducing the risk of spreading disease. When you report to work on campus, you will be required to:

  • Practice physical distancing;
  • Follow one-way signage that guides traffic through campus buildings;
  • Wear a cloth face covering;
  • Perform a self-check for symptoms prior to coming, which includes taking your daily temperature; and
  • Use the Caltech COVID-19 Reporting application to affirm that you have been free of COVID-19 symptoms for the preceding 14 days, and to record locations visited for 15 minutes or more on campus during the course of that work day.

Additional risk mitigation efforts have included adjustments to HVAC systems where appropriate, the installation of hand sanitizer stations, and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing practices. Additional measures implemented in accordance with the city and country requirements for operation are listed in the campus reopening protocol.

Please note that this is an incredibly fluid situation and, because of that, Caltech's policies and processes necessarily will evolve over time. We are committed to basing our decisions on data and to doing all we can to mitigate risk. We recognize that the threat from COVID-19 is not over, and will continue to impact our community in ways large and small for the foreseeable future.

To that end, we will keep this webpage updated with resources to help guide you through the resumption of campus activities. As always, major updates will be posted to this coronavirus.caltech.edu site and sent to the Caltech community via email and the Ion Caltech newsletter.